Workstation License – 1 Computer (to be incl’d into a subscription)


Workstation Computer License allows the licensed computer to run the Foldda Integrator runtime (Integrator.exe) full-version. The license grants specific permission to the computer only, permanently, for running the Foldda Integrator software, provided the license also has a current and valid subscription.

Note: Integrator runtime allows Foldda solution to be run in a Windows user login session, it is designed for Foldda solution development, and for running Foldda solution as custom data-processing “tools”.


Workstation license is priced as a “per-computer” item, increase the “quantities” if you want to purchase licenses for multiple computers.  For instance, if you want to license 2 computers for running the Foldda Integrator runtime, set the product quantity as 2.

(Read more about “How licensing works”)

Licensing multiple computers under the same subscription allows these computers to share the cost of the subscription, which can effectively reduce the average running cost per computer.


  1. A “current” valid subscription is required for a computer to run the licensed Foldda product. Subscriptions are different products that can be purchased separately.
  2. Computer license, once issued, is permanent. It cannot be canceled nor be transferred to another computer.


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