Personal Subscription (inc. 1 workstation license) – 1 year


Personal License annual subscription is a cost-effective option if you want to use Foldda Integrator runtime only. As a premium license, it unlocks all features in the Integrator runtime (Integrator.exe), allowing all handlers running unrestricted in Desktop solutions. It is designed for individuals to develop and run customer data-processing Integration solutions, such as ETL tools.

Note: Personal License includes one Workstation computer registration. It can cover one additional Workstation (at a one-off extra cost) so the annual subscription cost can be shared by the included computers under the subscription, effectively reducing the running cost per computer per year.

Note 2: Personal License does not unlock the Server runtime (WinService.exe) and as such, Sever solutions are not covered by the license and will be running in Demo-mode, where some features are restricted. If you want to run Foldda Integration solution as Windows Service, please consider subscribing to the Team License or the Company License instead.



Only a licensed computer can legally run the intended Foldda product or module in full-licensed mode. A license-subscription may contain (“cover”) multiple computer licenses and it defines the valid time period for its included computer licenses. License-subscription is a product item priced on a “per-year” basis, i.e. a multi-year subscription can be specified with the item’s “quantity”.  For instance, if you want 3 years subscription, set the product quantity as 3.

Personal license subscription includes one Workstation license for running the Foldda Integrator runtime on one nominated computer, for the purchased subscription period. Up to two Workstation computer licenses can be included under the subscription, which means one additional Workstation license can be purchased separately and be added to the Personal subscription.

Server or Workstation computer licenses are different products and are sold separately. Because licensing a computer is a one-off cost (none recurring), including multiple computers under one subscription allows the annual subscription cost shared by these computers, effectively reducing the average licensing cost per computer. (Read more about “How licensing works”)


  1. Foldda WinService runtime is not covered under the Personal license subscription;
  2. One additional Workstation computer license can be purchased separately and be included in Personal subscription.
  3. Consider Team or Company subscription if your requirement exceeds Personal subscription’s computer licensing limit, or if your solution requires to be run as a Windows Service (using the WinService runtime).


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