RDA is an encoding format for storing structure data in a text string container. Unlike XML and JSON, RDA doesn't use a schema.


RDA stands for Recursive Delimited Array. It is an encoding format for storing generic, structured data in a text string container, so data can be easily exchanged cross-language and cross-platform.

RDA container features a generic and flexible data storage structure, which allows building a data transport layer that is unified and “application-neutral”, where all applications can connect and arbitrarily complex data can be exchanged.


Contrary to formats like XML and JSON, RDA does not use a schema that restricts the container to predefined data types and data structures.

Open Source

We developed the RDA encoding standard, and the encoder and parser API, which are available in GitHub, under the free MIT license.

RDA is one of our many innovative technologies used inside the Foldda Integrator.


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