HL7 Message Receiver

SmartHL7 Message Receiver is a very efficient network server that can concurrently receiving HL7 from multiple network clients.


The Message Receiver is a high-performance HL7 network server. It supports concurrently data-receiving from multiple network clients, displaying detailed information visually about the client connections and their status. It is an ideal tool for HL7 network trouble-shooting.

The Receiver complements the Sender, and provides necessary controls features for easy and convenient network testing. I love to hear your feedback and to report any bugs. It’s again a freeware, you need to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions before download and use it.

Note the receiving port is limited to range 1024-65535. This is to discourage those “well-known ports” (range 0-1023) being used for HL7 communication.

  • It has a small single executable, no install required.
  • It handles multiple concurrent connection easily, and it is very fast.
  • It implements MLLP which is compliant with the HL7 Standard.
  • It displays the last message message being received, unless the navigation changes the currently indexed message.
  • It can save the received messages to file.
  • It is designed to provide the most convenience.
  • It is free.

Customizable ACK

In your testing when using the Receiver, you can specify a customized ACK message for responding to the HL7 network client, such as when you’re testing an A19 response. The demo video below shows you how this can be done.

Demo Video

Demo using SmartHL7 Sender and Receiver


The HL7 Viewer lets you easily browse through HL7 messages and inspect data elements of each message.

The HL7 Sender is a quick and no-frill network client that let you send HL7 message across the network, and show you the received HL7 acknowledgement responses.