HL7 Message Sender

SmartHL7 Message Sender is a flexibly network client for sending HL7 messages to a receiving server..


The Message Sender is a feature-rich HL7 network client. You can use it for testing for to upload HL7 data to another system with a HL7 inbound interface. It is designed to provide every convenience for you to load and send HL7 messages.

HL7 Message Sender

Compared to the Viewer, the Sender provides more interactive options. I love to hear your feedback and to report any bugs. It’s again a freeware, you need to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions before download and use it.

Note the sending destination’s port is limited to range 1024-65535. This is to discourage those “well-known ports” (range 0-1023) being used for HL7 communication.

  • It has a small single executable, no install required.
  • It handles very large file easily, and it is very fast.
  • It implements MLLP which is compliant with the HL7 Standard.
  • It displays every message’s send-status, including the received ACK (acknowledgement) and response time.
  • It provides stats and has the option of logging sent and received messages to file.
  • It is designed to provide the most convenience.
  • It is free.


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Demo Video

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The HL7 Viewer.

The HL7 Receiver.