HL7 File Reader

HL7 file-reader handler scans files in a specified path, with the option of specifying file-naming wildcard.


The HL7 File Reader handler reads HL7 data files and retrieves HL7 records into your solution. It utilizes our high-performance HL7 parser and is able to read multiple files sequentially from a specified source location. A file-naming pattern can be specified to instruct the reader to only scans the files meeting the name pattern in the source directory.

Note, on successful read and all records being retrieved, the source file will be deleted by the reader – so it won’t be read again.


The following three parameters can be configured through the handler’s config file.

target-file-name-patternFile name with optional wildcard chars.Wildcard chars are following DOS filename convention.
source-pathThe location where the reader scans for HL7 data files.The reader will create ERROR alert in the log iff this parameter is missing invalid.

Config Example

In the HL7FileReader handler’s config in this example, it will read all files with extension “.hl7” in the specified source directory, which is ‘C:\Temp’.


See Also

The HL7 File Writer handler.