HL7 Net Receiver

Net Receiver handler implements a HL7 server for receiving HL7 messages from a specified network port on this computer.


The HL7 Net Receiver handler accepts client connections and receives HL7 records from these incoming connections. As a network server, the HL7 Net Receiver handler listens to a predefined port and communicate with its client. Such communicate is standard complied MLLP. It performs HL7 ‘handshaking’ and waits for an acknowledgement (ACK) before sending the next record to the server.


The following three parameters can be configured through the handler’s config file.

server-portInteger 1-65535The network port number to be connected for clients sending data.
connection-timeout-secInteger (as in seconds) for the timeout before this receiver actively disconnect inactive connections.

Config Example

In the HL7NetReceiver handler’s config in this example, it listens to port 1236 for incoming client connection. Timeout for disconnecting inactive connections is set to 60 seconds in this example.


See Also

The HL7 Net Sender handler.