ID Function

Creates a timestamp string, with the specified format, of the time of execution.


Used for creating various identifier strings, which can be output as part of the data-processing meta-data. The following types of identifiers are available –

  • RECORD_INDEX – the record’s index within a container.
  • CONTAINER_ID – the container ID. For container constructed from a file, it’s the file-name.
  • RUNTIME_ID – the computer name that hosts the runtime, plus the process ID.
  • RUNTIME_TRANS_UID – a sequential number unique across the runtime since it starts.

Note when supply the above type-id as the parameter to the ID function, the type-id is a “constant” and need not be enclosed in quotes, this is in contrast to supplying a string value which needs to be quoted.



The function takes 1 parameter which specifies the type of identifier (see above) is to be produced by this function.


A TabularDataTransformer handler with the following config entry inserts the next unique runtime transaction-ID to the MSH-8 field.

  <!-- ID Example -->