Developer’s Guide

Explains how to use handlers and transformations for develop sleek and effective Integration solutions.

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The Mighty HL7 Filter

Using Foldda Expression for identifying data-elements, and Regular Expression for pattern-matching, the HL7Filter is extremely powerful yet the the most easy to use.

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Functions are used for transforming CSV and HL7 data element’s string value, to a new value or to a different format.

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IF-MATCH Function

This function matches a data element’s value to a regular expression pattern, and returns one of the two specified values depending on the pattern-matching result.

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Related Topics


Charian (pron. /ka-ri-en/) is an innovative data serialization API that allows “packaging” structured data in a text string for easy storage or transportation.

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RDA is an encoding format for storing structure data in a text string container. Unlike XML and JSON, RDA doesn’t use a schema.

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