Handlers provide various data-processing functions, such as HL7 message filtering, for implementing the steps of a Foldda solution.

Reads files from a source folder, and parses HL7 records from these files, with the option to specify input file name pattern


Writes HL7 input records to files in a specified destination folder, with the option to split or concatenate the HL7 records.


Filters the input HL7 records, outputs qualified records that match the filtering rules. Read more about the Mighty Filter.


Provide HL7 data element transformation via values-mapping.


Connects to a destination host on its specified port, and sends HL7 records, and handling ACKs, via MLLP, over the connection.


Listens to a specified port on the hosting computer for incoming connections, and receives HL7 records over from the connections via MLLP.


Combining our unique Foldda Expression for locating HL7 data elements, and an array of evolving data-processing functions, this handler is capable of doing various data-transformation without programming.