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Latest download link and notes.

Latest SmartHL7 Tools

Previously each of the SmartHL7 tools need to be downloaded separately, now they are bundled the latest into one zip file. Here is the latest version of the SmartHL7 Tools bundle.

There is no installation required for running the programs in the bundle. But be aware that Windows would silently “block” some of these files (see pic below), simply because they are from the Internet and not have gone through an installation process. This is annoying because the user may don’t even know this has happened. The easiest way to avoid this, is before unzipping the downloaded file, click the Unblock box on the .ZIP. 

There is more discussion about this issue below, if you have concern about downloading files from Internet. Personally I prefer not to install anything so there is nothing else to clean if you decided to remove the program.

Latest Foldda Integrator

Download the latest Foldda Integrator: Foldda-R2021-06-14

MD5 Checksum: FB35635D7E201D4AB38DC7173C4A3959


  • Minor UI improvement.
  • Renewed license terms – the Desktop runtime (Integrator.exe) is now FREE.
  • Win-Service runtime (Win-Service.exe) is available for purchase separately (not included) – please contact us for purchase instruction.

(Previous release: Foldda-R2020-08-23: MD5 Checksum: D27AE72379E140B718A5057D6349F368).

Please note Foldda Integrator does not require installation. Just unzip and run the “Integrator.exe” executable from the download.

If you have never used this program before, the “Quick Start Guide” is a great place to start. In this short guided tutorial, you’ll see how easy to get a Foldda Integration solution up and running, and you’ll get a good introduction to “the World’s smallest Integration engine”.

To get a full feel of what you can do with the Integrator, make sure you’ve checked out the Patient-discharge Registry project walk-thru. Based on a real-life project, this solution demonstrates many uses and features of the involved data-processing handlers.

Please give us feedback on what do you think about our Integration engine. 

Antivirus Software!

We can guaranty that if you download the software from our website, it is 100% clean and virus-free. But many antivirus software acts defensively to programs downloaded from the Internet, which is the case of Foldda Integrator.  They may block the program silently, rendering it unusable, or even delete the program without telling you, even there is no virus or malware threat detected.

We cannot change the defensive behavior of other software vendors. Users should exercise due diligence to ensure their online security and safety. These are the steps we recommend to our user when downloading files from an external source  –

  1. Check the file’s integrity signature (MD5 or SAH1) to make sure the program is from its original source and has not been altered. (Check the download file’s MD5 here.)
  2. Use the antivirus software of your choice to check and ensure there is no virus or malware threat.
  3. Use online antivirus websites. Most of these websites are free, and they offer extremely comprehensive coverage for detecting potential viruses and malware threats. One of our favorites is VirusTotal, where you can upload a file to the site, and they will check it against almost every anti-virus engine known to the market. Because Foldda Integrator is small and self-contained, it can be easily and thoroughly checked and verified using these online services.

Unlike many software these days, Foldda Integrator does not make any unsolicited connection to any external server, for example, there is no external server for licensing checks, and there are no automated updates, so you are assured with the status of the software.