Changing Node Settings

How to modify settings of a Foldda solution's node (and its handler).

The currently selected node’s settings are shown on the right of the Integrator’s console windows – 

To change or update the settings, right-click the node and select “Edit config” menu item from the context menu. This will open the node’s config file (node-config.txt) in Notepad.

You can change the “Remark” and the parameters’ values to suit your solution’s requirement.

(Handler and parameters’ names are specific to Foldda Integrator, and they should not be altered, otherwise, the node may not function properly. Also, when editing the config file, make sure you don’t accidentally break the file’s XML tags, as it will break the config file’s structure, causing the Integrator not being able to read the values.)

For example, you make changes to the above settings file as the following – 

Make sure save your changes to the config file, and you need to restart the node for the changes to take effect –

Here are the new settings when the node is started –