Foldda Integrator set itself apart for its unique features and super fast speed.

"Features" Others Have and We Don't

We believe software is meant to make our job simpler, and when we design Foldda Integrator, we passionately focus on simplicity –

  • No big download: the full program, everything included, is merely a few hundred kilobytes. It’s less than half the size of a medium webpage.
  • No installation: Foldda Integrator does not require any installation – the downloaded program can be run straight-away. It does not modify your system, and it can be run from a USB without touching your computer.
  • No IDE: you’ll be building your Integration using the operating system’s native folders, and you will be setting up configurations using any generic text editor. There are no proprietary tools required for building Foldda Integration solution, meaning there is no associated cost and training. 
  • No programming: there is no programming language to learn. Foldda solutions are configured using config settings only.
  • No Internet or other server involved: Foldda Integrator does not require the Internet or local network to run. Eg, it doesn’t check the license by making a connection to a licensing server, nor sending anything out to an outside network.

Features We Have and Others Don't

Foldda Integrator is designed and built by a veteran Integration expert, it is packed with features that are simple and useful to day-to-day Integration tasks, including –

  • Live feedback: Foldda Integrator gives live updates in the user interface including input and output records, alerts, start/stop status changes, even logging output for every interfaces’ nodes. There is no “Refresh” button to push, everything is in real-time.
  • Tool-less solution construction: Foldda Integration solutions are built with native OS folders, so all involved in building a solution are copying and pasting folders – surprisingly easy and fun.
  • Minimal system requirement: Foldda Integrator is a true “green” portable program and can be run on any Windows PC, it does not have any dependency nor touching any files outside its containing folder, meaning it can be easily completely deleted or relocated if required. **
  • Ultimate portability: because the program is so small and is completely portable, it means making backups and setting up redundancy systems are almost no-brainers operations. It is also possible to easily share your solutions or, in the event of support (trouble-shooting), to send a complete copy of your Foldda solution to us for assisting the analysis.
  • Well-structure, easy-to-access logging: in addition to the live logging with customizable alert-pattern highlighting, every day’s log files, of every module, are just a few clicks away.
  • Logging-based, customizable alerts: you can specify message patterns in log files where Foldda Integrator will detect them during live logging, and automatically generate email alerts.
  • High-performance handlers with simple, effective customizable configurations.  
  • Many others …

** The only system requirement of Foldda Integrator is the .NET framework, which is part of all current Windows systems. The only change Foldda Integrator may need to make to your system is creating one entry in the Windows Registry if it’s set up to be run as a Windows Service (it’s a Windows OS requirement). Running as Windows service is optional and if necessary, a (one-line) script is provided to remove the entry easily.