The Foldda Story

The story about Foldda Integrator - the featured product on this site, and the background of the company's mission behind its product.

I am Michael, the founder of Foldda Data Automation, and the developer behind Foldda Integrator – the product featured on this site. Below is my real story about why and how I built Foldda.

I used to work in the IT department of a large Health organisation as an Integration Specialist. Our Integration system is a product called e*Gate, which was fairly reputable back then. We had about 40-50 interfaces, connecting a dozen or so apps and systems. 

We ran such the system for many many years, there was nothing wrong with the current system, just it had become a bit old in IT’s standard. Since we had an expensive (extensive?) support agreement with the vendor entitled us free product upgrades, one day my manager asked me to evaluate the option of an upgrade.  (I think that’s when e*Gate v6 came out)

I was quite excited about the task, every IT people like to try the newest and greatest software, right? I followed the download link vendor provided, but only to found out the download file size exceeded the limit set by my company’s policy (I think it was 800 MB at that time). The next option our vendor gave us was to send us the physical installation media, free of charge. Good, let’s do that.

(To be continued …)