Premium License Options

Foldda licensing scheme lets you to precisely control where to spend your money now, while leaves room for flexible future growth. It is cost-effective and super-affordable.

Subscription and Computer Registration

A Foldda license contains three pieces of information 1) the software to be licensed; 2) the computers to run the licensed software, and 3) the license valid time period.

Subscription specifies the valid license time period i.e. the start-date and end-date. Currently Foldda subscription does not support auto-renewal. Customer will be reminded by the software near the expiry date, and will need to purchase new license subscription for the future time period.

There are three types of subscription, which are priced differently to be more cost-effective to different types of customer, depending on the customer’ requirement. More on choosing a subscription below.

Computer registration specifies which computer is licensed to run Foldda software during during the subscription period.

Registering a computer for a subscription incurs a one-time fee. This is in addition to the recurring subscription cost, however registering multiple computers under a subscription allows the subscription cost to be divided by the number of registered computers.

Computer registration, once setup in a license, cannot be cancelled or transferred. It remains valid as long as the customer’s subscription is current.


Subscription Types

A subscription entitles a customer to run certain Foldda products on a certain number of computers, for the duration of the subscription. Foldda subscription is available as per annual blocks. Choosing a shorter period (e.g. an one-year subscription) requires less commitment, whilst choosing a longer period may give more certainty and less management overhead (less frequent renewal).

There are three types of subscriptions: Personal, Team, and Company. The differences among these are the software (module) that are covered, and the number of computers that can be registered under the chosen subscription, as shown in the following table – 

Sub. Type Desktop Computers Server Computers
0 - 2
Nil (0)
0 - 5
0 - 2
0 - 100
0 - 20

In the table above, “Desktop Computer” refers to a Windows computer that is registered (licensed) for running Foldda Integrator Desktop Runtime; and “Server Computer” refers to a Windows computer that is registered for running Foldda Integrator Server Runtime (Windows Service).

For example, a license with a Personal subscription entitles the customer to register up to two Windows PCs for running Foldda Integrator Desktop only, the license does not allow the customer to run Foldda Integrator Server (Service). 

Customer wishes to run Foldda Integrator Server (as Windows Service) needs to consider between the Team and the Company subscriptions. The differences between the two are their annual subscription fee, and the number of computers the license can be deployed to.

License Fee Calculation

There are two parts adding to the licensing cost: the one-off computer registration fee, and the annual subscription fee.

Computer Registration Fee

This is a one-off fee applicable to a computer, and the price varies depending on the specific Foldda product that is to be licensed. There are two Foldda Integration products – the Desktop runtime and the Server runtime, and you’ll need to consider which one or both you want to license for the computer

(Read more about the Desktop runtime and the Server runtime here…)

Once registered, the computer will be eligible for running the product as long as the license has a current subscription.

Subscription Fee

Subscription defines how long the license is valid. It can be purchase on a per annual basis. There are three types of subscriptions: Personal, Team, and Company. A subscription can be shared among all registered computers, and dividing the annual subscription cost among multiple registered computers is a great way of lowering the average running cost and maximize the usage benefit.

Buying a license

Here are the simple steps for purchasing a Foldda Integrator license:

1. Decide which computers and for how long you want to license Integrator

Use this information to decide the type and the duration of your subscription, and the number of computer registration (for each Foldda product) required.

Your purchasing plan doesn’t have to be fixed and concrete, you can always add more years to your existing subscription, or adding more computers into the subscription*.

(* Note: Subscription and computer registration are digital products. They are non-refundable once issued.)

2. Buy the license items from our shop

Foldda licensable components are itemized in our shop. For example, if you want to have a two-years Personal subscription for two computers, select and purchase two annual Personal subscriptions “items”, and two Desktop Computer registration “items”, and pay for these items at the checkout.

PS, you may amend your existing license by adding more “annual subscription items” and “computer registration items” to it. Contact our Sales if your require assistance. **

(** Future price subject to change without notice.)

3. Email us with the payment reference and your computer IDs.

Contact our Sales with the above info, and we will make a license file and email it to you in 48 business hours.

4. Keep in touch with our post-sale support.

Let us how does it go using our product even there is no issue. We are obligated to support you to the best of ability.