Buy Win-Service Extension

The Foldda Win-Service runtime is a premium extension which can be purchased and installed separately.

Win-Service Extension

Foldda Integrator is freeware, it contains a Foldda runtime that you can use to run your Foldda solutions with no restriction. 

The Windows Service runtime allows you to run your Foldda solution in the background as Windows services so it can be automatically started without anyone logging-in. Windows Service runtime is a premium extension that can be purchased separately. It is a small, separate exe file that is not included in the Foldda Integrator freeware download. 

If you’re interested to purchase this extension, you can contact us here for pricing and download/installation instructions.

Demo/Restricted Mode

The Win-Service extension (exe), when obtained, can be run on its own, even without a valid license. When it runs without a license, it enters the “demo mode” where the deployed solution is still fully functional, but it can only process up to 100 output records, then it will pause and displaying a “Lic-Required” icon in the Integrator. This is the expected behavior and you can simply re-start the paused module to continue with your evaluation.

Trial Full License

A valid license would allows use the Win-Service runtime for running developed solution without the above-mentioned restriction. A Trial license is simply a full license with a short expiry date, it is to allow the customer to experiment the product to its full extend, eg, for volume testing and performance testing, prior to purchasing a full annual-based longer term license.  

Issuing a license is a manual process: we will manually cut the license key file based on  your computer’s unique Computer-ID (explained here) that you would provide to us, and we will send the license to you by email.

Requests with invalid email or computer ID will be ignored.

Request for a trial license

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    General Enquiry

    You can also Contact Us here for general enquires.