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If you liked these SmartHL7 tools we wrote, be sure to check out the Foldda Integrator. With this minimalist middleware engine, you can design and build your own data-processing tools and solutions, in minutes. Check out the intro video below (hint: it’s unusual :-). Foldda Integrator requires no installation and no Internet so you can run it from anywhere, even from a USB, and best of all – it’s FREE.

Watch this short demo video to see how you can easily build an HL7 data-processing pipeline in just one or two minutes.

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Have a quick play with Foldda Integrator in this guided demo. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to start using this very unique Integration engine.

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SmartHL7 Message Sender is a flexibly network client for sending HL7 messages to a receiving server..

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SmartHL7 Message Receiver is a very efficient network server that can concurrently receiving HL7 from multiple network clients.

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